Hi everyone
We got our combined screening test results today and we got a risk of 1 in 1100 for T21. Skin fold was 2.3mm which the man who did the scan said looked great, size is perfect, nasal bone present, he said it looks like a perfect pregnancy.
I was surprised when my obgyn gave us our result! He said that while it is still low, my daughter's risk (born in 2013) was 1 in 12,000 so we should get further testing.
He recommended the panorama test but from what I read they test for heaps of chromosomal conditions which might open a can of worms if something else comes back positive that we obviously hadn't even thought of?
I am confused, I don't know whether to test for everything or just for the trisonomies?
What would you ladies (and men) do?
I don't know whether to test for everything and be done with it? Or whether my risk is even high enough to do the test in the first place?
I'm sorry if this is jumbled, my head is all over the place at the moment.
Thanks V xx