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    You poor thing. No wonder you are feeling upset and anxious. Do you have a good GP? Are you still seeing the dr that did the surgeries? Could it be worth talking to them about your cycle and concerns about scarring/infection? They may be able to track your hormones or order some tests which could provide some reassurance that everything is returning to normal, albeit slowly. They should respect the fact that you are understandably anxious after what you have been through and do what they can to help you through this. If they are flippant about your concerns, maybe you need a better doctor to guide you through this?

    Big hugs.

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    Im so sorry to hear you are doing it tough right now. What you've been through is awful, and enough to push anyone to their limits.
    I had a miscarriage and D&C in late February. It took 8 weeks till AF returned. I had nearly three weeks of spotting after the procedure, and then off and on bleeding and spotting for weeks after the initial bleeding stopped. It was crap. Others that had been through a D&C got AF back in 3/4/5 weeks, whilst I was just waiting to stop bleeding.
    I felt like my obstetrician had basically washed his hands of me, I felt like I was being silly and that I should really just go away as he really didn't seem interested in what was going on. I was also scared I had Ashermanns as the weeks stretched out.
    I had a few turning points in the weeks after the D&C, the biggest was going to see my FS, who also works in the public sector as a gynaecologist. She took over my care instead of the obstetrician and was able to answer my questions and put my mind at ease. She did bloods and an U/S- showing I was about to ovulate and that I was back into cycle (at 6 weeks post D&C).
    Do you have a good GP that you can talk to, or a gynaecologist who can talk through whats going on on the physical side of your recovery?

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    Thanks ladies. I think AF has arrived! Never thought I'd be so excited about that. I hope this is the end of the physical saga. Need to start to heal. I'm sorry for all your losses xx

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