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    I don't think you can teach babies to self settle until they are ready. For my DS that was around 11 months old. He's almost two and some nights he still needs a bit of help going to sleep. They are only little for such a short time. Just cuddle your baby and forget what "they" say.

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    Been there done that, wont go that route again with bub2. With DS1 it was a waste of time. Dont forget that if they are sick, teething, going through sleep regressions, wonder weeks, big changes like starting day care etc all of your hard work will be undone. With DS1 we'd try to sleep train for 2 weeks only to have him sleep thru the night by himself only 2-3 nights before he ended up getting any of the above situations. Babies are meant to feel the security of mum being close. DS1 is 17 months now and still wakes up at night. I no longer have the energy to deal with the crying as im 30 weeks pregnant with bub2 so i just cuddle him and he ends up co-sleeping part of the night. He will get there when he is ready. And he is a much more confident little boy this way, i noticed when we sleep train he would be very insecure and crying a lot whenever we left the room.
    he now goes to bed for his nap all by himself at daycare too. so i think he will eventually get there for the nights as well.

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    I'm all for a bit of sleep training as it worked wonders for my toddler when he was 6 months but i agree with the others that 15 weeks is still young. I know you feel that the earlier you can sort it the better as it avoids habits forming etc but when I was looking into training I read not to start until 6 months as by that age there are unlikely to be unresolved issues such as colic, needing food overnight etc.
    As others have also said, you will miss the cuddles when they start self settling. I love the fact I can put my 20 month old baby in his cot for sleep awake and he doesn't make a noise, sleeps through the night and has done since 6 months, but I miss cuddles. Now I've got a 7 week old and I don't care that he falls asleep on me. Even though it kills my back I've been carrying him around everywhere while pushing a double buggy just because he doesn't like being in it and cries. I'm sure I was stricter with ds1 but I just don't care! I keep telling myself things are not set in stone at this age and people (including me) get so stressed about what they think they should be doing rather than what feels nice. You can't beat having a baby sleeping on your chest. (Even when you do get sore back, neck, aching arms etc etc!!)
    I never really did self soothing as you're describing (we did controlled crying) but I think it can take a while so don't get disheartened. You will probably find one day things just click and will start improving after that. Don't give up if you feel it is what you want but just be patient.

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    I would keep trying. Maybe not every nap and sleep. Continue with the pre-nap and pre-bedtime routines so you set the scene that after those rituals it's time to sleep. I would try leaving bub to self settle for naps first. Try once a week. If it doesn't work, resort to what you know works, (including the rituals) and the next week try again. Keep trying weekly until bub 'gets it'

    My DS is 10.5 months old and has started self settling. We have the same ritual since he was born and it's now clicking.

    Good luck!

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    self settling is so very over-rated. They'll learn to do it one day! For now if bub wants to be cuddled or fed to sleep, wants to sleep in a carrier attached to you, wants to be bounced to sleep in a bouncer, or pushed to sleep in a pram, do whatever works so that both of you are happy, relaxed, and not trying to make something happen that's not going to happen. xox

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