I am a first year media student and would very much like to interview a woman about her experience with IVF or surrogacy for an feature story that I am writing. It is not for publication. I'm interested in the experience of women in negotiating the process and how the legal regulatory system and medical system have effected you.
The interview would take no more than 30 minutes and I could call you or come to where suits you.

I'm looking to get your insights and experiences but of course your confidentiality would be fully protected and no names used.

Although I'm only a student as a young journalist I'd very much like to develop a better understanding of women's experiences and how this can be respectfully represented in the media. So your willingness to participate would be very helpful.

My name is Arielle and I live in the inner West in Sydney. My phone number is 0425425177 and my email address is aridebono@live.com
Thank you for taking the time to read this.