Ds is 8 months and is waking very frequently through the night. Some nights up to 6x. He can be hard to resettle and I tend to feed him back to sleep because after already tending to him x amount of times, by 3/4am I need him to go to sleep!

Today I looked at the SOS routine (out of desperation) but I found that DS is pretty much spot on her routine anyway, which funnily he has set himself. I already do all the "right" things with a solid bedtime routine (which he has had for many months), feeding solids, milk feeds, daytime sleeps, room temperature etc etc etc and he still doesn't sleep well at night.

My mum has apparently bought me the dream baby guide today. I haven't read it yet as I don't have it just now, but doing a google it sounds very similar to SOS/Babybliss anyway?

Does anyone have any feedback on this book?