Hi all am just so frustrated and needed to vent hopefully with others who are going through the same thing.
DH and I married in march, he has a beautiful 7 year old daughter so we knew we wanted to start trying straight away. I came off the pill a few days after we got married (was scared to go off earlier in case I got my period on my wedding) I had always had a regular cycle pre pill so wasn't concerned at all.
Well first month off 36 day cycle, decide I need to start temping and doing OPK with this next cycle and so far cd 22 no ovulation (no temp rise and negative OPKs) Arghhhhhh!
I know it's only been 2 months and they say could take 6 months to get back to normal but I just didn't honestly think it would take that long. Really getting me down.

Anyone in a similar boat?