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    @Mod-Nomsie has said what I was thinking.
    I'm not an ivf mum but my son was nearly 2 when my twins were born. They were 4 weeks prem and spent 2 weeks in special care. I had gestational diabetes and one twin stopped growing.
    Twins are great, they are amazing and unique, but honestly if I could choose I would have only had one at a time (naturally conceived so i didn't get a choice). My son has missed out so much because of how much time and attention the twins needed. And the twins don't get much one-on-one time either because they are kind of treated as a single entity.
    My advice is to think carefully about what is best for you and your family emotionally, rather than focusing on the financial and logistical side.
    Sorry, I don't mean to be a downer! There are plenty of positives which you will no doubt hear but I feel in your situation it is important to hear some of the negatives to assist in your decision.
    All the best to you and I hope you are blessed with a beautiful healthy baby or babies either way

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    Thank you ladies, this all has been some real and in some cases sad insight into the risks and heartbreak involved. Sorry lillypilly for your loss and how lovely to have someone donate you eggs (sorry forgot your name).


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