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    Default PCOS, Metex XR, Letrozole, Puregon & Pregnyl. Success stories please?

    My Husband and I have been trying to conceive for about 6 months now. We have been together for 3 years, married nearly 1 year. Both young, we are both 20 turning 21. I was told I had PCOS last year after not getting my period for awhile (Thought I was pregnant). We figured that we are better off trying to conceive now, as we would have a better chance as we are both young. So please don't judge our age. At first we wanted to conceive naturally (Without medication) So I tried managing my PCOS with weight loss, hoping that would be all I need. After losing a bit of weight and being in a healthy weight range, my period returned but I wasn't ovulating. So now after 6 months of trying we have started to see a fertility specialist. My husband is fine, so it's just my PCOS that's the issue. Straight away my fertility specialist started me on Metex XR & Letrozole (I was already on my period) on day 11 I went back in to see if I was going to ovulated or not. According to the ultrasound, I wasn't going to ovulate. So my doctor started me on Puregon injections straight away I'm going back in 2 more days to see if I can use Pregnyl as a trigger. I'm also still taking the Metex XR. I'm just a little worried about all these drugs I am putting into my body and If it's not going to work. So I was wondering if anyone had any success story's they could tell me? Just to keep my mind off stressing out over it not working out.

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    First of all welcome to Bub Hub, this is a fantastic supportive forum.

    I have a ds when is now almost 14 months old. He was conceived via fertility treatment and our successful cycle included puregon and pregnyl. I had the puregon injections right up until I had a mature follicle, they did regular tracking ultrasounds, then pregnyl trigger, I ovulated exactly 36 hours later. After ovulation I had two more pregnyl injections which seemed to be the winning combination for us because we finally got our sticky bubba.

    I don't know anything at all about the other medications I am sorry. But know that you are in the best hands and like myself, there are a lot of success stories with the medications you are taking.

    Best of luck. Sending you lots of baby vibes!!

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    Not me personally, but my SIL has had recent success having conceived naturally after going through the same things as you. She is 27yo & has/had pcos. After 2yrs of drugs & a MC, her next step was to be ivf as she wasn't having a regular cycle & her hormones were way up the creek...

    She then changed her diet to LCHF eating, so lots of butter, coconut oil, avocado, cheese, meats, no sugar, virtually no carbs at all. She lost some weight (she was overweight) & her cycles naturally came back to normal after about 3 months. Apparently women need the high fat & protein diet to regulate their hormones. She also made sure she had enough iodine in her diet as that has an effect on thyroid function, which of course effects your hormones. Not sure if that's what kind of story your after but I hope that helps!


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