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So much love Sally and I'm right there with you. The likelihood of loosing a baby after 12 weeks is something like a 3% chance but once it has happened to you that statistic means jacksh*t. We have our scan Tuesday and I'll be 8 weeks then. I'm pretty much just trying to ignore that I am pregnant until then (and I'm sure the feeling will continue on even then). I can't really bring myself to be excited about this at all, I think it's a survival mechanism, thinking that if we prepare ourselves for the worst then it hopefully won't be as devastating when it happens. πŸ’›
Oh wow Holly, please let me know how the scan goes. It's so nice to have people who understand. My problem is also that I went to a specialist who thinks I may have a condition that puts me at a 40% risk of serious complications.

I also found out last week that my psych will be on leave for weeks 19 to 23 of this pregnancy, if I make it that far. DS2 showed serious growth issues at 19 weeks for the first time. Then there were 3 horrible weeks of testing before I gave birth at 22 weeks and he died 3 hours later. I had a plan in place for people to help me through that time and now it's going to be Xmas and they'll all be away.

Anyway, thanks for the kind words ladies. I'm thinking of leaving my DIG. At 12 weeks the conversations move to shopping and nurseries and prams, meanwhile I'll still be waiting to see if my baby's going to die again.