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    From my experience working in the industry (but not recently, so may be different), if the centre nutrition policy states no cordial, the workers and you need to abide by it. I have never been at a centre that allows cordial, it is usually water or milk only. We did obviously make provisions for medical needs, eg, diabetes,etc buy would need to have a note from a doctor. I would just be honest with the centre - say that he will only drink cordial at home, and you are really worried that he wont drink enough water at daycare & he will get dehydrated. Ask them if they could monitor & record his water intake over a week. Dont forget that fruits etc contain water too. If,after a week, he hasnt drank a lot, take him to the dr if you think he is getting dehydrated, &get a dr to assess his health, & ask for a plan as to hoe to get more fluids into him if he is in fact dehydrated, whether it be cordial or something else. In my experience, kids who dont eat or drink a partucular way at home will do it at child care, just because all the other kids are, & there id no other option. He will probably suprise you & drink the water that they offer! Good luck

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    I don't know if this is an option, or if it's allowed, but if you're worried about dehydration would it be possible to send one of those premade hydrolite pop top drinks? One of them each day should at least stave off dehydration in a little one if they're refusing water. And it's not cordial, so not sure if it would still be seen as a nutrition issue? Also not sure if it's classed as a medication?

    But just a thought, so thought I'd put it out there.

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    OP are you happy for this to be the status you with your daughter, or would you prefer that she learn to drink plain water?

    Because one way I can think of to approach it would be to ask the CC staff for their advice and support in making the transition to plain water. This would mean they may be more willing to discuss the issue with you and may try harder to ensure she is hydrated.

    Otherwise I like the idea that @cheeeeesecake suggested. If the water intake is low in that initial week, then it kind of proves your point iykwim? Rather than potentially coming across as inflexible and demanding?


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