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    Quote Originally Posted by RaraMum View Post
    This seems to be code around the place. I had emergency c section and got fed endone and oxycontin (wasn't breastfeeding) like there was no tomorrow. I dont even really remember my stay in hospital.

    And i guess if they knew you had them they would probably take them away. I took panadol and my antidepressants to the hospital when I was being induced and they took them all off me and gave them as I needed them with the antidepressants but i never saw my panadol only their Panamax.
    But that could just be because of my medical history too.
    Maybe call the hospital and ask?
    Quote Originally Posted by delirium View Post
    I'm surprised at the drugs some are given for c/s. I was offered nurofen and panadol and that's all I had. My experience is that nurofen is the best of the lot be it for c/s or vb. I would probably just be buzzing the nurses and re buzzing them.
    There is a reason they use these sort of meds post op. The pain needs to be adequately covered or the brain will actually start making new pain receptors. If that happens it can make you more susceptible to pain later down the track. While it's no a problem with short term pain it can be an issue with pain that can endure for longer. This is something we've found out the hard way through pain specialist with DH. Very different situation but he tried not to use the morphine drip he was on because it was making him feel sick but now he has a lot of trouble with pain. Any new pain feels massively intensified and is hard to get under control.

    With my CS (nearly 11 years ago) I was on a morphine drip and was encouraged to press the button regularly on the first day and then a few minutes before I was to move on the second day. After that I was given paracetamol to control any pain. When I had my appendix out I was given a base line of oxycontin 10mg and paracetamol as needed.

    Del, I thought something like nurofen wouldn't be recommended post-natal, especially post CS, because it can thin the blood?

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    Quote Originally Posted by meredithgrey View Post
    If something like your PCA isn't working out for you like yours was, you need to tell the midwives so they can get the anaesthetists to review your pain medication and change it as needed. Self-medication isn't really the answer......
    I know it's not ideal, but I just wanted to be prepared. I always have some in my handbag anyhow. After my 1st EMCS I had no idea that I didn't need to be suffering like I was, I was pretty much just being told to keep pushing the button and eventually my vein calcified and the peth going in sent searing pain into my arm. Ugh, it was just soooo horrible!

    I can't tell you how relieved I was talking to the anaesthetist pre-op with my 2nd EMCS about how much I didn't want the peth drip to discover he had a completely different approach.

    In theory, I do agree that self medicating is not the right thing to do. But you middies have a phenomenal job to do, are run off your feet and sometimes it's just physically impossible to be 3 places at once. The mum in room 3 buzzing for panadol is gonna be low on the list sometimes! Hence, my JIC attitude.

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    Personally i had panadol in my toiletries bag just in case, it was actually DH who uses it not me in the end

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    I definitely didn't feel the need to self medicate when I was in hospital. I had c sections for both my births and all the nursing staff were great at responding to any requests I had for needing more pain relief. First time round the anaesthetist hooked me up with a morphine pump (much to all the nurses surprise), then once that was taken away (from vague memory maybe on day 3) I had Panadol and endone alternated.

    Second time round, I think I was just given endone and Panadol but by about day 3 I was down to just needing Panadol and by the time I went home I didn't need anything.


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