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    Default Night weaning - Robin Barker method

    I'm hoping to night wean my lo in the next few months and have heard a lot of success stories with people using the methods used in Robins barkers 'baby love' book.
    is someone please able to give me a run down of what to do as I can't get access to the book at the moment.
    any success/fail stories appreciated too.
    thank you

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    I've got her book, her approach is pretty much the same as any standard controlled crying method - put baby to bed in a room by itself, return briefly at increasingly long intervals, never pick the baby up, expect several nights of possibly hours of crying at a time, and baby should be night-weaned and sleeping through within a week. She does say that a quick feed might be necessary at ~4-5am to get them back to sleep until 7am.

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    I used this approach when dd was 6 months. Robin advocates 3 minutes, then 5 then 10, or longer if you are comfortable with that. I would call it a success somewhat- we successfully ditched her dummy and she learnt to self settle and dd's wakings dropped from 6+ a night to 1-2 a night- usually once around 4am for a quick feed, abut didn't sleep through until I completely weaned her at 2yo. I was comfortable with once a night though, I probably could of been tougher on reflection to get rid if the 4am feed but it was manageable and a vast improvement. Took 3 nights I think.

    Another difference was I touched her to make sure she hadn't leaked as one time she was soaking wet and still crying after ages and I felt so guilty when I realised so always touched her (no pick up but a quick pat down) after that.

    Good luck


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