Hiya! My name is Jasmin and I'm a midwifery student at ACU in Melbourne.

Part of my course involves taking part in the Continuity of Care Experience (CCE) which is where you, a lovely lady who is currently under 35 weeks pregnant, allows me to tag along on your amazing journey of having a baby.

Basically it involves me coming along to your antenatal and postnatal appointments and I can also do research for you if there are any paricular queries you have about any aspect of pregnancy, birth or postnatal care.

If you offer me the priveledge, I will be there to learn from you and with you, to listen to you and offer any kind of help and knowledge that I can to you, but most importantly to support you throughout this journey. Think of me as a free doula!
This experience will certainly benefit us both

If you or someone you know may be interested, please send me an email - jasmin.rowe@gmail.com, shoot me a text or give me a ring on 0422 585 404 and we can go from there!

I live in the Stonnington area (Prahran) and am happy to hear from anyone in the inner city, yarra, east/south eastern suburbs.
Just a little bit about me - I'm in my mid 20s, not a mum yet myself but by jove I will be one day! I'm an animal lover, have an Arts degree from Monash as well and am basically totally fascinated by pregnancy and birth! I'm enthusiastic, bubbly, loyal, and a great listener.

Looking forward to hearing from you