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    Default WWYD - leaving a review

    We had our ensuite renovated last October. The guy who did it was absolutely lovely and I had full confidence in his ability to complete the job. Fast forward 6 months and I have been in contact with him fairly constantly to come back and resolve the issues. The major issue was that the drainage in the shower wasn't right, but fixing that has caused issues with the shower screen door not closing properly which they have now attempted to fix 4 times and still haven't got it right but I'm just so sick of dealing with it. There have been other small issues too.

    When I have an issue, I usually have to contact him at least 3-4 times before he even gets back to me. Last time I didn't hear back from him until I threatened to take my complaint further.

    When we booked him, I was just going off the impression I got from him when he came out to quote as he didn't have any online reviews at all. So now I'm wondering whether I should leave an honest review for his company to give others the warning that I didn't get. My only hesitation is that he's just so nice! But I've given him so many chances to get this right. What are your thoughts, what would you do?

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    If I were in your position I would leave a truthful review. It's up to you how much detail you go into but it's important to remember some people can be nice but completely unreliable...

    Point out the great things he did in the review but also the really bad things. Be completely unbiased and give your honest opinion. I think that when it comes to business transparency is essential - as is reliability. It sounds to be like he is a nice guy who honestly just can't be ****ed trying to fix something he's already been paid for.

    In regards to getting your bathroom fixed - take the complaint further. He's had enough of a warning and if he hasn't pulled his finger our by now, he's not going to.

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    Bumping for the morning crowd :-)

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    Your original post sounds like a review! It's very honest and highlights the good and bad.
    If you feel like you should leave a review I would almost copy and paste the op!!!
    Personally I wouldn't leave a review but that's just because I'm lazy. I'd say I'll do it later but later never comes.

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    I'd leave an honest review.

    Similar thing happened with us. We wanted to buy a new heat pump and get it installed. We bought 2 as My Aunt and Uncle wanted one too.

    My Uncle is in construction but all the sparkies he knew were too booked up to install 2 and also re do some mains so he hire a guy he had dealt with before as he was a nice guy.

    Anyway he came and installed ours and wired it up (took forever!) then when we went to use it, it wouldn't work. Called the dude and he had installed it wrong! (This was in the middle of winter and we had a newborn and no source of heating at all! (We had to stay with my parents until it was fixed). He had to call someone else to fix it!

    The exact same thing happened with my Aunts but then weeks later theirs died. They decided to just go with someone else completely.

    When he quoted us he also changed us more because he didn't realise how big a job it would be. Seriously!?! It's installing a heat pump!

    Then the MAIN annoyance! We had ours installed over a cupboard. About 10 months later we decided to move the cupboard and he had done SO much damage to our walls!! He had chipped our then newly painted walls and left glue run marks all down the wall!!!

    So after all that YES I would want to let other people know. This guy was SO lovely but he did a substandard job AND caused a lot of damage in the process.


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