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    If i were to see children left in the car I would wait for 5-10 mins, if the parents hadn't returned by then I would call the police. In the situation of the 8 year old, I may not, and can say that like the op i would have probably made the same choice.

    I have left ds in the car to buy petrol but he is never out of my line of sight. If I have to go into a supermarket he comes in with me, even if it is just for one thing. There are too many things that can go wrong in even a very short period of time.

    ETA that I think the last story of the mum with three kids being helped in the supermarket is a lovely story. I wish more people were like this, when my ds has lost it in the shops I have been known to abandon my trolley and leave in tears. In moment like these I wish that I had encountered lovely people like her rather than the death stares I have so often gotten

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    Sorry but leaving a 4yo in a car by themselves is idiotic.

    I have seen a kid locked in a car unattended once, he was fast asleep, probably about 3yo. It was night time. I went and looked in the window to make sure he was ok, stood next to the car for maybe 2 minutes, then decided to go into the shop to report it so that they could call over the PA. If it wasn't just one shop I would have called the police.
    The dad came out right as I started to walk in. I said to him "is he alright in there?" and he ignored me and got in the car and drove off.

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    Depending on how long the parent was gone and how hot it was would depend on if id call the police or not. If it was under 10 minutes I would wait by the car for the parent, any longer I'd call the police and still wait by to make sure the child is ok.

    My eldest is 8, I would never think to leave her in the car to mind the kids whilst I ran into the shops. Yes, she's responsible and would be great at minding the younger ones but there's the chance that someone could try abduct them, car could be hit, and lastly I'm their parent/protector so if I need to go into the shops they'll be with me - sleeping baby or not!

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    Just not acceptable in my opinion to leave children alone in a car. Id be terrified that someone would try and take them. If mine are ever sleeping I either wake them and take them with me if ita urgent or if not urgent I go home and go to the shop etc later. If I need petrol I either take my kids out of the car and they come and pay with me or I go when my husband is home and leave the kids with him. As a pp poster said if I don't want to wake them I will make do with whatever I have at home to eat but im not precious about it I will wake them if need be. Really scares me what could happen to children left alone in cars.

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