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    Default Nuchal scan - help!

    Just wondering what the standard procedure/routine is for scans in pregnancy? (Specifically Qld)
    I'm currently 9 weeks pregnant and I'm booked for my Nuchal scan at 12 weeks (with bloods 1 week prior)
    Can they tell me then and there how the baby is doing, and what the sex is? Or is this just to find out the risks of Down syndrome?
    Once this scan has been done, do I not have any further tests till 18-20 week mark?
    I'm a bit confused! I've heard of so many types of tests out there, also seeing women having tests well before I thought you could?

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    Default Nuchal scan - help!

    They can't tell you the sex at 12 weeks but will tell you your risk of downs and other trisomys, and would be able to tell you if there were any major deformitys. Then you have your morphology scan at 19 weeks to look in detail at every part of the body to check more closely for any abnormalities
    Eta they can tell you the sex at he 19 week scan.

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    ^^ wss.

    I had my 12 week scan yesterday. I think the main things they looked at were my baby's nuchal fold thickness, as well as spine, heart (checked there were 4 chambers) and heartbeat, and brain- general indicators of health. Too early to tell the sex yet. Then my ob sat down with us after and gave us all our risk factors for trisomy 13, 18 and 21, taking into account my scan and my blood results. Getting feedback straight away like that might be a bit unusual I'm not sure, but my OB is an ultrasound specialist as well so was present for our scan.

    If we were high risk then we would have to do further testing like an amnio or harmony test but we were very very low risk so it's not necessary.

    Next big scan is at 20 weeks, we will have a quick peek at 17 when we see our OB next, but not everyone is lucky enough to have an obstetrician with an ultrasound in their rooms. Some ladies pay for a private ultrasound at 16-17 weeks to find out the sex a bit early but that's obviously totally up to you.

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    At our nuchal scan recently bub looked perfect on the scan, had a within normal limits nuchal fold and strong heartbeat. However my bloods threw our results into high risk for trisomy 18. If you are classed high risk they will offer you the option to do diagnostic testing. As trisomy 18 is pretty bad (often deemed not compatible with life) we decided to go ahead and do an amniocentesis at 16 weeks, which gives a 100% answer on whether or not your baby has any chromosomal abnormalities. Thankfully our baby is fine and we found out we are having a boy.
    Please remember that the nuchal scan is only a screening test and does not give definite answers, only your risk factor. Good luck!!

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