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    Default Feedback on my TT idea please!

    So just looking for any advice/changes to my plan for toilet training!
    DS has shown in the past he is quite capable of being toilet trained (wees and poos on toilet for days with no accidents) but due to sickness/busy/laziness we have sort of regressed back into nappies full time! I am due with number 2 in 4 months so thinking this is the best time to get it done so i don't have 2 in nappies

    So plan is basically - nappies be gone! Just take them away, go straight into undies and deal with any accidents that comes with it, this is including leaving the house (which is when he has had accidents in the past, fine at home, won't use public toilets or tells me he needs to wee when its too late)
    Leave him in pull - ups (big boy undies we'll call them) at night until he is a bit older.

    What do you think?? Any advice welcome and appreciated, thank you

    ETA - He is 2years and 7months
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    I think its hard to give advice as all children are different with toilet training but i am/ was in a similar situation. My DD is 2 year 8 months and i am 30 weeks pregnant. We hadn't had any luck with TT due to her great ability to hold on- she would just hold in all her wees until rest time/night time when we put a nappy on. So last week we decided to go cold turkey-no nappies at all. It is going pretty well at the moment- considering we are only in the first week. I just had spare sheets and pjs ready for night time and she woke twice wet through the first two nights then the third night she woke yelling out for the potty so we got her up and sat her on the potty to wee then she went back to bed. Not sure if it has completely worked really and if we will be getting up to take her to the potty for the next two years haha but for her she needed to know nappies were completely gone to accept that the potty is the place to go.

    You just gotta judge what you think will work best, i have friends who children are completely day trained and still wear night nappies. They are all so different.

    Good luck

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    We've not long ago TTed our third child and I've gone cold turkey on nappies with all three of them once we decided it was time to train (between 24-26months for all three). My two year old goes to CC twice weekly and they were quite surprised with no nappies at all and wanted to put one on him for rest time but to me it's a mixed message?? Anyway, long story short -100% no nappies once TTing commenced in our house has worked perfectly GL


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