Sorry for my third thread in the last week or so.

My 12 month old has been having cows milk since she turned one (not a lot, as she doesn't drink much). Over the past week, she has been burping a lot while eating, refusing to each as much food as she used to (she eats half or less of what she used to), she has been refusing to drink much of the milk (couldn't give her much before, and now she has even less). I have been giving her lactose free milk as I wanted to see if that made a difference to her burping, but it hasn't. Additionally, she has been standing in her high chair and refusing to sit down. Her last poop was also more solid than usual, I think due to her not drinking as much fluids.

Has anyone else's bub experienced this before? Does this sound like symptoms of a milk allergy or something else?

We will be seeing the pediatrician in 1.5 weeks at the moment.