Hey all!

Firstly a little background. I am RH- (B-) and my partner is a positive blood type. We miscarried twins at 15 weeks 7 years ago.
In February (7th) we miscarried a single pregnancy which I had the Anti-D etc for. During my first cycle we fell pregnant again - despite trying to hold off 6 months. Hooray!

Last Sunday (12th April) we went to the hospital with light spotting. I got an Anti-D as required for any bleed, and blood tests saying my HCG level was around 36,000. That gave us some hope considering the last miscarriage we'd tested 4,000 HCG the week prior to miscarriage and 1,600 the day of - and were similar amount of weeks pregnant!

Monday 13th April I went back to the hospital for an ultrasound scan. I was expecting to find an empty sack but was surprised to find a healthy heartbeat.

By measurements I walked away being told 6+1 with a heart rate of 141bpm. The technician said that's a very fast heart rate for 6+1 weeks and that I could be further along and measuring small.

Has anyone found out at their following scan their initial measurements weren't quite right and they're further along?

Now almost a week later my symptoms seem more like 8 weeks from everything I've read (crazy food aversions, aching itchy nipples, insane dreams, peeing a lot), and by what I've read 141bpm heart rate is more a 7-8 weeks rate than 6+1.