Hi there! The way that the role was advertised may give you the answer you are looking for. We offer some flexible roles but stipulate that in the advert as well.

When I'm hiring for a FT role I explain business hours and if there are any concerns with being available during those hours I would expect them to be raised then. Of course things change down the line but if two weeks after they are in they suddenly ask for a flexible working arrangement I get annoyed. If they don't raise the hours of operation during the interview then ask the question. Start of by sussing out the hours of work - they might say well you would do a 38hr week but can start and finish when you like. Or they might say as long as its core business hours (7-4pm should then still be acceptable). If they say 9-5pm then ask if they are flexible with those hours - asking the question won't raise alarm bells it will just show you are considering all aspects of the role.

Worst case they will tell you that those are the hours and in that case I would simply leave it as "okay" and move on to asking another question quick smart. This will give you time to think about it before they call and offer the role. You can always still decline the offer and explain why - they may even then reconsider if you ticked every other box.