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    Default Miscarriage after 2 healthy pregnancies

    Hi everyone,

    I am at the moment going through a natural 9 week miscarriage. I am wondering how many out there had a miscarriage after at least 2 healthy pregnancies and were you able o relatively easily fall pregnant/keep the pregnancy?

    My husband and I are desperate to try again but I'm terrified of this happening again and though I know there are no guarantees it will help me to know it is possible to just have a single 'glitch' then this being the start of a heartbreaking journey for out very wanted third baby...

    Also stupid question but is a 'rainbow baby' referred to only after a still birth or after any loss at all? Hubby and I refer to getting pregnant again as 'creating a rainbow' but I'm not sure of we are using it out of context...

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    I had 2 healthy pgs, then 3 losses, then my DS.

    The term is a bit open ended. I consider it a baby born after a loss, be it a m/c or a still birth. My pg diary had the term rainbow baby in the title. Those that have had stillbirths and babies born to die early on can be offended by that though.

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    Hi Meld85,
    I'm so sorry for your loss.
    It's a very difficult time for you no doubt.

    I have 3 children and had 2 miscarriages, one between 1 & 2 and the other between 2 & 3.

    First miscarriage I didn't try for 8-10 months after, mostly because I was grieving but also becuase life got int he way and it never seemed the right time.
    In the end I conceived on the exact same day as I did the year before. Funny.
    No problems in the pregnancy, but I worried all the way through all the same.

    The second one I miscarried at the end of Feb 2014.
    I was gutted.
    I was 39 at the time and I almost threw in the towel but I thought to myself, what way am I going to feel when this baby's due date comes by.
    I knew then that I wanted to give it another shot.
    I was pregnant again by the end of April.
    But I gave myself two cycles to recover from a D&C before we tried again, just to be sure everything had healed OK.
    I worried even more throughout this pregnancy, mostly because it was our last shot for no.3. Not a single thing went wrong. A perfect pregnancy, I even managed to escape GD this time when I had it on the other 2
    She's now 10 weeks old.

    Give yourself a little time to heal and get in a good head space for trying again because no matter how healthy, a pregnancy after a loss churns up all sorts of worries and emotions.

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    We had a full term pregnancy (dd1), a 10 week m/c, another healthy pregnancy (dd2), an early m/c then 3 weeks later fell pregnant with dd3 and eventually dd4 (plus numerous chem pregs between dd3 and dd4 and after dd4). My midwife believes that i am one of those women who can't seem to carry boys as well as dh having a low sperm count and being told before we met that it would be a miracle if he fathered a child to begin with.

    Thinking of you at this heartbreaking time xxoo

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