My 7 year old DSS holds his breath when reading, playing on his DS, playing the PS3, etc.

He doesn't hold it for long, but it sounds like he is struggling to breathe- when actually he is just holding his breath.

He has always done this and GPs, paeds, etc said it wasn't a concern as it is common in kids up to age 5/6.

He used to do it primarily when reading, because he would read aloud and not to himself. But started doing it for other things last year.

GP and paeds are still unconcerned, but it can't be good for him.

I guess I'm wondering if anyone else has a kid over 6 who does this?

(DH thinks there is something wrong with his breathing- he is a panicker- but it is only when he is reading or using a screen, so he is definitely holding his breath).