I've had chronic insomnia for all 11 years due to health issues but I have had to resort to medication as I simply wasn't sleeping.

Valerian can muck around with the pill from memory if you're on it. Can also give you nightmares.

Restavit gave me hideous nightmare and never again will I take it.

Do not nap in the day unless you have to.

Try not to get out of bed when you wake in the night, it can get you're body into an even worse routine. If you wake try the breathing techniques someone else suggested.

Last resort medication - I take 1/2 an imovane at 9.30pm and have a hot chocolate at 10pm. I'll go to bed around 10.30, hopefully be asleep by midnight and it gets me through till 4.30am when I wake. I can generally snooze till 6.30am. Sometimes I can't and I have to get up.

It stinks, insomnia is the pits