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    Quote Originally Posted by BlondeinBrisvegas View Post
    @Leisylou Yippee for PUPO!!!

    Oh Luv... It's done now Luv and the trigger would've matured up that egg and released it never fear!!!

    that this is it!!!!:yes

    P.S....Has Waz put you on any support?? When can you POAS?????
    Thanks hon!!!

    Support - yes - doing 1500 Pregnyl Sunday, Wednesday & Sunday which ruins my POAS addiction! Although I might start POAS the day after the last trigger and watch it fade out and then hopefully get darker again :-) My blood test would actually be due on a Saturday, so I will see if I have the strength to leave it until the Monday

    Other than that, he has me on Clexane, Feldene, Nitropaur, Trental, Prednisone, Progesterone, Baby aspirin and all my other supplements. So we are throwing the kitchen sink at this! Wazza said that I have more faith in my eggs than he does, but that's OK, I only need one good one, and hopefully the last six months of DHEA, CoQ10, Lipoic acid, zinc, B vitamins, Maca, Royal Jelly, Vitamin E etc have done something to improve egg quality!

    Now for the two week torture! I am planning to keep very busy - is it OK to exercise normally? I was just going to go for a walk tomorrow, but after that was going to do my weights program that I do every second day, but I know that many have said to take it easy during the TWW? Although like @Fudge09 says, it's very hard to dislodge a healthy sticky one, so maybe carry on as normal?

    I have everything crossed (except my legs - Wazza recommended "mad rooties" for the next 24 hours - so it's on!) that maybe this was the help we needed to get over the line. The countdown begins

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    @Leisylou Aaahhh...yes...good to see nothing's changed and you're on the "Mini Pharmacy" of supplements and support!!!

    Well, he's not backwards in coming forwards that's for sure!!! Don't worry, he didn't give me much hope either with my eggs But he really does love it when we Girls prove him wrong!!!

    The conundrum of whether to POAS the day after your last Pregnyl shot and keep on going until BT or to wait it out until the day before/day of BT??? You can go and have your BT done on the Sat..the Vampires are open for business 7 days a week!!!

    Stupid, bloody, maddening 2WTorture!!! Yes, of course you can exercise Luv Walking's fine. The main thing is not to overheat your body too much for too long a time either Weights should be fine too as long as you're not lathered in sweat and heating up like a furnace!!

    Bahahahahahha!!! "Mad Rooties"!!! Well, best follow The Man's advice there and I'm sure DH will be all too happy to oblige!!! I'd throw a leg over in the morning too just to be sure!!!

    to you Girl!!! Am sending a prayer to the Universe and Fertility Gods as I type!!!

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    @Leisylou congrats on being PUPO! Hoping this one is the lucky one!! You just never know.

    @MustRemainPositive sorry you've only had the one mature egg, Ive learnt from experience that when theres a big gap between sizes like that, the smaller ones arent likely to be mature. Hoping it makes it all the way for you. Fingers crossed.

    @Chiefsgirl wow that date is going to come around quickly!! How exciting!

    @BlondeinBrisvegas love your constant enthusiasm!!

    @SpotTheOcelot thanks for your post, yeah I agree theres no magic potion, best thing is to be as healthy as possible and have some hope and thats all you can really do. We won't be doing any PGD so Im just hoping we get lucky by being super healthy and not stressed out by work anymore!

    Thanks for all the supportive words re my resignation! It feels great, and I counted only 15 working days left (I only work 4 days a week). So it'll be over before I know it!!

    Saw the FS at RPA today and it was really positive. I just said I know my chances are a long shot but I want to continue for the rest of the year. Told her I had given up work and she was positive about that. She is very very anti Bondi protocol and was definite that she will not prescribe it. She was sure (as were the hospital) that the Pred contributed to my Sepsis, and was really upset that I ended up there. She is ok for me to do Clexane/aspirin after ET, says studies show in people without the clotting issue it doesnt make a difference, but says theres no danger in doing it. We also talked about donor eggs and she said something really nice, that people are meant to have the children they have, even if they don't come to them in the way they thought they would. So she went through how that all works with RPA and Genea and said she would love to be able to offer us a very good chance of a baby.

    So we agreed to do the usual cycle really, and adding in the antibiotic at EPU and I will try the Clexane/aspirin combo after ET too. She was happy I was waiting until July as she said me being sick could have negatively impacted my eggs and by then they will be a new batch. So Im happy with all of it, I felt nervous about using the Pred again after being so sick last time, so I think that its a good compromise to try the clexane/aspirin thing as its not as full on. So she just said be really healthy and we will all support you. I guess I feel comfortable with this as after the last cycle being so ill, it really made me question everything I have /am putting myself through. So the simpler the better. It was the most positive Ive come out of an appointment there in quite a while.

    Fingers crossed we have success this year. All of us
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    New thread over here ladies .

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