Hi all
I posted a month or so ago with a few issues with my 10 month old. He was doing well with finger foods and lumpy spoon fed foods then all of a sudden wasn't. He would chuck up almost everything that wasn't smooth and he would choke (red around the eyes not breathing until he threw up everything in his tummy).
So we went back to smooth foods. We've slowly started to reintroduce finger foods again and it was going well until tonight. He threw up his dinner and everything else after choking. The pieces are tiny and soft he normally has bigger chunks of egg for breakfast.

If it is any help we started a gluten elimination diet about 2 weeks ago and have had a huge improvement in his wind, vomiting, sleeping and poos.

I will be taking him to the doctor but won't be able to get in until at least Thursday.

So I guess I am wondering if anyone has been through this and how did it work out for you?