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    Default feeling extremely confused about ovulation and clearblue digital ovulation predictor

    hi all
    my last period started either 22 or 23rd march.
    my cycles are around 29 days.
    i bought a clearblue digital ovulation predictor.
    i tested yesterday for the first time expecting a blank window.. but i got a static smiley face.. which is peak fertility apparently.
    i had some bloating and cramping last night..also cramping inside my vagina for about half an hour.. like someone was poking my cervix... no i dont have pcos... still have some lower right stomach cramping.
    and some ewcm on tuesday evening...
    we've done the deed wednesday, thursday and today.
    but... is that normal?
    to get the static peak fertility symbol right away?
    could it be wrong?
    is it normal to ovulate cd 10 or 11? that's earlier then i thought it would be..
    a friend of mine told me it's bad to ovulate this early .. that the normal is around cd14-15..
    am feeling a bit confused.....
    have i ovulated? have i had sex too late and i've missed the boat this month? is the test broken? have i ovulated too soon?
    am desperate for baby number 2

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    The smiley face appears when you have a high level of lutenising hormone which means you're about to ovulate, not that you already have. The face can also appear for a couple of days because there's a 'window' of a few days before ovulation where you should be having sex if you want to conceive.

    So if you're seeing the face at day 11 of a 29 day cycle that sounds fairly accurate, though it's possible your luteal phase (between ovulation and next period) is a few days longer than 'normal' but sounds about right to me.

    Not sure about physical symptoms but some get them around ovulation time.

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    I use those tests as well. My FS told me to dtd on the day of the positive and for the next 2 days. Not everyone ovulates on day 14 and that's fine. My cycles vary from 25-30 days, so my ovulation day is always changing.

    As for symptoms around ovulation, I get almost like gastro symptoms around the time, but I do have endometriosis


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