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    Default advice on 18 MO and maternity ward when baby#2 is due

    my DS will be just 18 months old when our second baby is due in October. We have no (reliable) family nearby to look after him while I go in labour (if that's at night). A few good friends but would only be able to call them once daylight around.

    Hopefully everything happens during the week and not the weekend as DS will be in day care still at that time until I can reduce his days after new bubs is born.

    But in the evening obviously after daycare DS and DH will be visiting after DH picks him up.

    I will be in a private hospital for at least 4 nights.

    How did your older kids behave when you were at maternity ward with the new baby? Did they scream when they had to leave back home with ur partner? He will only be little still and I don't think he ll understand why mummy cant come home in the evening for four days. If I deliver on a Friday and DS is not in daycare, what do we do then? does anyone have experience with this? can we have DS with us at Maternity ward if he is quiet?

    I wish we had more support where we live but unfortunately we dont

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    Your DS will only be allowed in the maternity ward during visiting hours. If you meant the birth suite (where you will actually deliver) he should be able to be there the whole time if you want him to be.

    Are you sure your friends wouldn't be willing to take your DS during the night? People like being involved in the excitement of a new baby, you might be surprised.

    As for staying in the hospital, at 18 months I think my DS would have been a bit upset to leave without me but would have probably have been fine once he left. But they are all different. Do you really need to be in the hospital that long? If he doesn't cope well away from you maybe you can come home early? But if you're having a c-section that's obviously not an option.

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    Default advice on 18 MO and maternity ward when baby#2 is due

    My DS1 was only 16 months old when DS2 was born. I had a c section so was able to plan who looked after him while I was having bub, so a bit different to your situation. We didn't have anyone to look after him over night though so my hubby couldn't stay in the hospital with me and new bub.

    At the hospital I was at (private one) partners and children could come whenever they liked to visit. They didn't have to wait until visiting hours (which were in the late arvo/evening). So hubby would bring him each morning for a few hours before nap time and then they would come back in the afternoon for a bit. He was pretty good when visiting. A little noisy but we stayed in our room so didn't disturb anyone else. I had my iPad there for him to play with, and hubby made sure to bring him a bag full of snacks. I think after the first visit he left a few small toys and a book in the room too, so he could play with them each time. He was a little sad leaving me the first time, but was generally pretty good. I guess cos he was going home with his daddy to his own house he wasn't too much out of normal routine. I stayed for 5 nights.

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    I don't think planning to have a toddler in the ward while you Re giving birth would be fair on anyone (your tot, yourself, hubby, the staff). Apologies if this is not what you were planning.

    Could you ask around at daycare to are if any of the workers do babysitting on the side? If a worker that knows your DS does this that might be a win-win all around!

    Good luck

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    Could you call your maternity and discuss this with them?

    I found it varies a lot depending on hospital.

    My (private) hospital would let my 2yo stay all day with me.

    Does your hospital have a relief program with a local hotel? Mine send women with no complications to a hotel and you can have your OH and kids stay there for the night etc


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