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    Default Implantion pains? First TTC and going insane!!

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first time ttc. I have very irregular (and infrequent cycles) so I have never noticed symptoms of my cycle before! Its all new! I used opks to track ovulation this month but am not sure whether the things I'm seeing in the last couple of days (7-9dpo) are early pregnancy signs or normal. I'm going mad testing too early too!

    Here are my symptoms:

    1DPO: Bd this morning. Not very hungry, slight headache. Heavy feeling in gut. Fainter line in OPK. Mood = happy. Aching wrists.
    Evening- ++ bloated, boobs feel heavy, tender nipples, low achy uterus. Right side dull ache. Tired.
    Pretty sure I ovulated (but scared AF is coming!)

    2DPO: In the morning noted ewcm. Worried I miscalculated O, but changed over the day. Nipples still sore. Very bloated after dinner with mild cramps (although it could be the muffin I had).

    3DPO: cm drier and a bit tackier. Mild ache/cramp all day. Thirsty. Nipples still tender to touch. Sore teeth.

    4DPO: Couldnt eat whole frittata this morning, smell and texture = ick! teeth/jaw ache (could be wisdom teeth though). Nipples still a bit tender to touch. Less cm, creamy texture on cp. Mild heartburn/ burping (likely due to increased fish oil). Bloated.

    5DPO: temporary stabbing in side of right boob. Sciatic pain on right side in evening. A little creamy cm.

    6DPO: waking up frequently throughout the night. Lots of lotion like cm on cp. Bit queesy at night.

    7DPO: very very very mild aches in uterus on and off, kind of to the right sometimes. Lots of white cm. Nipples just barely sensitive to touch. BFN

    8DPO: very mild dull low down cramping on right side. Bit queesy after breakfast and coffee. ? Flushed. White/ lotion like cm. Nipples barely sensitive to touch. Mild period like cramping in arvo/evening. BFN temp 36.8

    9DPO: kept waking up in the night ?needing to pee. Mild AF like cramping, mostly in right side. Need to pee alot, got very faint/shaky and a bit nauseated around lunch. Blood in toilet bowl after bm. None on cp examination. ?spotting on wipe. Vulva = uncomfortably dry. Gassy at night BFN

    10DPO: kept waking up during the night. Itchy vulva. ?thrush. Cp very high and hard. FR BFN

    Going to wait a couple of days before testing again.

    What do you think?

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    As a long-term TTC-er and IVF-er, I have to say that now that you're TTC you will notice EVERYTHING your body does, and they will be the same things your body has always done, even if you think it's all new.. you're just so ridiculously tuned-in that you will feel or pay attention to every tiny little thing. When I was TTC naturally, I would notice waves of nausea, metallic tastes, thirstiness, peeing frequently, CM changes, feeling hot, feeling cold, feeling congested, you name it. Never once was I pregnant. When I did finally get pregnant from IVF, do you know what symptoms I had? Nothing. Boobs were noticeably bigger about a week or two AFTER my BFP, but aside from that I just had a bit of AF-type cramping.. if I hadn't seen the pink line I would have thought I was about to get AF any second.

    So even though I know I won't be able to stop you, please try your best not to obsess over DPO "symptoms", as you will absolutely do your head in and chances are they will mean absolutely nothing anyway, whether you're pregnant or not.

    Best of luck!

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