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    I have been to a lot of schools. A school with thousands down to a school for 20 kids from k-6. Academically and socially I did the best at the small school.

    The school only had 2 classes k-2 and 3-6 I was there for 5-6. I think it depends on the school and its staff more than anything.

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    I went to a school of 50 students by the time I left. It was all about community and we all socialised with everyone. It could be hard if you didn't get along with someone but you also learnt how to deal with things and move on.

    My DS attends the same school now, it is the only single ****** school of its type and therefore the smallest at 200 kids. It still has that same community feel, all the.kids and teachers know each other and everyone keeps an eye out for each other. I know of two kids who.have been bullied, my DS being one of them and the school has been very helpful and his mates protective once they knew it was happening. They get just as many extra curricula attention as other bigger schools. Being small it does mean more parent involvement for running events, working bees etc. Although overall class sizes are bigger the teacher and assistants are fantastic at what they do.

    When it comes to small schools I think its the people that make them work.
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