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    This was our boy at about the same age. A late walker & talker.

    He had a few signs, hot, train, floor, cat but at 22 months he had mostly sounds not full words, for example, books was "ksss", leaves was "fsss", tractor was "trrrr". He also made a few animal noises like voof for a furry animal, mooo for a cow, and gupgupgup for a duck/bird. He also didn't say his own name or mummy or daddy. I was concerned so I had all this written down. We also read and talked to him a lot. His cousin and friends the same age were all talking in two or three words sentences.

    But docs don't seem to be worried until they're two. He is now 2.5yrs and says his name and mummy and daddy and speaks in 2 or 3 or 5 word sentences. And he copies a LOT of what we say including daddy's swear words which mummy is not too happy about!

    Talk to your gp if you are worried but I'm sure everything will be OK.

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    My DD was similar at that age, but her language has completely taken off since she turned two. She's 26 months now and is using two word phrases and new words literally every day. If she's not using full sentences by 2.5, we'll look into speech therapy, but her rapid speech development at the moment is reassuring and I'm optimistic that she'll catch up.


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