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    Quote Originally Posted by burlen View Post
    Thank you so much I'll definitely take that into consideration. I guess yes all the processes in a clinic are definatly beneficial.

    Thank you so much!
    How old is your baby now?
    Our beautiful DD is turning 1 year old in a week! I carried her but she sees DP and I as exact equals. I breastfed for almost the year (DD self weaned) but DP found other ways to bond and the two of them are thicker than thieves! DD used sleep on her chest every single afternoon. We always knew that we'd both be as much a mother as the other was, but counseling helped with all fears about DP not bonding with DD etc. DP said to me 'before she was born I was worried I would never love her as much as you could... But now she's here I know that nobody could love anyone even the slightest bit more than I love her'. DP was the one who initiated us having a baby, and she was sure of everything, but we all have secret doubts and we came out of our counseling session with hearts full and ready to TTC even more so than before.

    Counseling wasn't about assessing if we'd be good parents - it was about how we could become parents and how to raise our baby in the way we wanted to.

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    @burlen completely understand what you are saying about the clinical part! Good on you for knowing how you want to make this happen! That's step 1. There are some good same sex solicitors that can help you with the donor stuff and trying to help protect you from custody issues down the track so maybe find yourself one and make an appointment They can then walk you through the process etc. I can't wait to read about your journey! Very exciting!

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    Sorry not in a same sex relationship, but I am a solo mum. I went through a clinic as I wanted that child to be 100% mine forever, no legality questions hanging over my head. I'm not sure if a lawyer can draw up an agreement that will stand up in court or not.

    Clinics are clinical and there's no getting around that. But for me it was short term pain for long term gain.

    Centrelink and births, deaths and marriages can be a bit funny if you get the anally retentive case worker. There seem to be a few of them there!


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