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    Default Depressed without a job

    Ok so I'm 31 and I've just had my second baby four months ago, and I want to give him my full attention for the rest of this year.

    But I'm feeling down in the dumps because... I haven't had a job since 2008, when I fell pregnant with my first!! I've been studying my second degree, but only got about 1/3 of the way through it due to looking after my little one, deaths in the family, house renovations and some travel, and then a second pregnancy.

    My geographical area is really hard to find work in, but I'd been hoping to do something online in the field I'm qualified and have skills in: writing, journalism, PR and communications.

    I tried freelancing for a while and had success with one of the parenting mags, before the editor there left and the new one wouldn't have a bar of me.

    Any ideas on how to receive a bit of income working in this way? I feel so lost and directionless right now!! The new degree I'm currently doing is nutrition, and I'm also enrolled in a dietetics degree (am yet to decide which way I'll go as with the second one I'll basically have to start all over again, and I feel like I've been studying my entire life!!)

    Thanks for any insights you can offer me ๐Ÿ˜Œ

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    I've not had a job since 2007! Actually officially 08 as I returned for 3 months when my oldest was 1. I can relate. I've 3 now and I'm 42 so those lost feelings of what will I be able to do also have this ticking clock! Sorry no advice on how to find work from home. There's such a big push to get more women into work but someone seems to have forgotten to tell employers. I sense this attitude that if you take time off to have kids you shouldn't expect a decent career at the end. But I think it's nonsense. I'm looking at a new direction but with 3 kids including 10mth old no family dp working long hours etc I don't know when I can start studying. It's hard. I love my kids but I'm not a natural house keeper and want to use my brain. Being home makes me feel inadequate and useless at times especially now I'm having behaviour issues with my 8 year old. Sorry think I just started rambling again. Had any insights since you started this thread?


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