Hi everyone,

My fiancé and I have been trying to conceive since March of last year. We were overjoyed to learn we had conceived in September, however this was short lived as I unfortunately miscarried at 5 1/2 weeks. We were told by our doctor to wait for my next cycle before trying again, which we did. To our surprise we conceived right away but sadly I miscarried again at 5 weeks. My doctor right away referred us to a fertility specialist for extra testing.

Our specialist was great and got straight down to business and started by ordering blood tests for myself and fiancé and also ordered a 3D internal pelvic ultrasound for as I had earlier been told that I had a left ovarian cyst throughout the numerous internal ultrasounds that I had had done.

After 6 long weeks of overwhelming anxiety waiting for our test results we got them back. Our blood tests were all great including our Karyotype tests. However, my ultrasound came back stating that they believed that my "left ovarian cyst" was actually really a Hydrosalpinx. So due to there being no other obvious causes for my miscarriages my specialist believed it must be the Hydrosalpinx causing them, due to the fact that the built up fluid in the tube can simply flush the embryo out and also be quite toxic. So he recommended that I have surgery done as soon as possible to primarily repair the tube or if there is no way of saving the tube due to too much damage than he will remove it.

After receiving the news I decided to do some of my own research and have come across stories of women with similar situations who have decided to have their tubes "clipped" rather then removed. I liked the sound of this much better as the thought of having my tube removed is quite devastating to me, almost like I'll feel "incomplete" as silly as that probably sounds! So I asked my specialist about "clipping" and he wasn't totally against it but didn't recommend it due the increased chances of ectopic pregnancies and also the chance of the tube later becoming infected. He said the only time he recommends clipping is if the tube is stuck to the bowel and there is a risk of puncturing the bowel if he were to remove the tube.

So in saying all of that I would love to hear from you ladies who have or know of someone who has been in this situation and what your opinions are on removal vs. clipping?

Also my other question is whether I should continue TTC while awaiting surgery? My specialist said he would leave that up to me as obviously there is a high chance of me miscarrying again but he also said I may get lucky next time and not miscarry. Thoughts??

I look forward to hearing from you! xx