Ok I am anywhere between CD11-15 now after an annovulatory cycle with temp dip the last two days and now today I got a solid smiley on OPK after some one sided ovary cramps. CM isn't eggwhite but rather creamy with stretchy in between that stretches between my fingers. Also a bit of blood still from my annovulatory bleed.

Could this be false alarm due to PCO? I didn't ovulate last cycle but normally am ovulating (confirmed by temps and pms differences between ovulatirg and not ovukating cycles). Last cycle I got solid smiley on CD16 but was under heaps of stress.

CD 15 seems awfully early as I have 32 day cycles. I am just worried now that the same thing happens like last month in which I had several surges.

Anyway I keeo BDing. If it's a true opk how long after can I expect to ovulate?

Further, as I bled just before and the smiley went straight to solid did the uterus wall even have enough time to build up?