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    Default Confused....

    Hi Everyone

    I'm new to the site and don't know all the jargon yet - so please bear with me

    Can I ask for some general guidance/views from you all?

    We've been TTC since late December. This cycle has confused me.

    I change between a 28 and 31 day cycle, today I am at day 37.

    I believe I ovulated on day 16

    My last negative HPT was day 35.

    I'm going to test again tomorrow morning.

    I am never late so this is unusual for me but - aside from my boobs being sore, which they often are so this is not unusual - I have no 'symptoms' whatsoever. If anything I feel great, I've got lots of energy.

    I'm charting my BBT and 2 days ago it began dropping.

    What do you reckon? Am I getting my hopes up unnecessarily?

    All guidance/views welcome, Carisbrooke

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    I'm not too sure that I can help but I wanted to say welcome. There are loads of people on here with a wealth of knowledge so I'm hoping one of them can help you out. Sounds to me like you should approach with caution. There could be a number of reasons as to why this cycle is lasting longer. One of those could be due to pregnancy and it may still be too early to know if you ovulated later than you think. I would try and test again in another couple of days if still no sign of your period.

    PS - I have tried to avoid any jargon for you AND good luck and fingers crossed you are up the duff!

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    Hi There
    I went to my Dr on Day 38 eve. Dr view was that - given that I am TTC and my AF is normally regular - that I am probably pregnant. He told me that my BFN weren't necessarily the case - there are many reasons for a negative result. He therefore signed me up for blood tests to find out one way or the other.
    Following morning - Day 39 - before I was about to leave to give my blood, I began light spotting so decided to hold off on the blood test for a couple of days. Light spotting got progressively worse during the day and is still going today - new Day 3 : (
    I didn't go through with the blood test and did a final HPT today just to close the issue (my BBT didn't drop till today) and BFN. I suspect I may have had a chemical pregnancy (for reasons I won't go into - TMI) but can't be sure.
    Either way - silver lining - my rubella vaccination is low, so I now have time to get it topped up before TTC again later in the year.

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