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    Default Really Suffering, please help!

    I have allergies too and use clarentyne and polaramine for relief. Rhinocort is ok too according to my OB.

    Mine are particularly bad ATM so on clarentyne or the generic equivalent almost every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpicyTurtle View Post
    I might consider trying the steroid nasal spray, as I feel like the worst is all in my nose, it's almost like I can fee the dust going up there it is so sensitive. Does it work for you @Pearlygirl?
    The steroid nasal spray works. There are a few around but I used Rhinocort and it was fine to use, you can slo use it while bf too. If your allergies are always this bad then ask for a referral to an immunologist. I was so bad one year I cried every day for 3 months before going to the GP as I didn't think there was anything else that could be done. I was so blocked up/itchy 24/7, I couldn't sleep and OTC medicines were doing nothing anymore. It was hell. Anyway my GP referred me and I started immunotherapy. It's a long process (3 years treatment) but it works and the effects last for about 20 years according to my doc. I still get a bit of hayfever as I haven't finished my treatment yet, but it is absolutely nowhere near as bad as what it was. OTC treatments now help relieve symptoms when I need a bit of relief as well.

    Hayfever can really interefere with quality of life so if its severe get some treatment.


    ETA: The nasal spray does work on its own but it's much more effective if used in conjunction with an antihistmine. If you are blocked up, use some Fess nasal spray beforehand to help unblock it a bit, the steroid spray will be more effective then too.
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