Hi all i have been a member on B&H for many years and have been on IVF jounrey and never really join this part of the group but here im, on thur i had my surgery to remove my endo and had my right ovary and tube removed to, for the last 2 years i have spent that time trying to find a gyno to help me with my right pelivic pain i had for over 2 years and with that time i have had 3 cyst one which burst last feb many time before that cyst bursting i had visit the hospital, diffrent gyno which all told me all they could give me was the pill because they keep on telling me that i have PCO which i all ready knew plus have endo and had my first op in 2000, Now i want to know who has been to see Dr Karen Harris at Hurstville, she is the only one who help me and listen to me did my surgery on thur, How did you all find her so far i how no trouble with her thanks Jojo