Need some advise please from those who have been through this

Applying for reason 8 a&b

Just need advise in completing the form
With regards to supporting documents do I need to attach every aspect that I'm answering? Like expenses info do I need to attach something for every details that I provide?

Or with your experience what docs did you submit for supporting docs? I'm not really happy with all the info I need to provide its like dissecting my life for ex to see I have no problem with CSA looking at it but not happy that ex get to see every details and not even sure ex will provide his own info...but seems there is no other way around it...

He was assessed with 0 income but he owns his business and mostly work on cash while all my work are reported and I'm to pay him child support when we have 50/50 care with our daughter and I have 2 other kids living with me as a single mum 2boys 19yo doing uni and 19mo old (not his). Basically living from wk to wk with my salary and centrelink pay combined and can't really afford to pay ex as I know he earns more than me but not in the books

Another of my issue, have received my divorced settlement and trying to keep it to be used as a down payment for a house. I assume that will be looked at as cash assets but will CSA look at that and use that in their calculation to pay child support? Even though its not income?

Any info and advise will be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance.