We have 3 frosties at our clinic in Brisbane, but we moved to England last June when DS was 3 months old. We don't know how long we'll be here for, but it's likely DH won't find work back in Australia anytime soon, and I'm absolutely longing to do at least one FET before the end of the year (ASAP, ideally). So I'm wondering if anyone has ever arranged an IVF or FET cycle in Australia when temporarily living overseas, and how it worked out?

First thing's first, I'm going to have to renew my GP referral with my clinic, and the only way I can think of doing this is trying to get in touch with my old GP in Brisbane and asking her if she can send a referral through to my clinic, even though I'm no longer her patient. No idea if she can/will do this, but I can only try I suppose!