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    My mum when we got older started joining groups like CWA and other various craft groups. She took a cooking course and also started yoga.

    My mum was always a SAHM with no friends or hobbies (us kids were her life- she had 3 kids under 3) and through this she made friends and contacts and built up her confidence. It also enabled her to get a job supervising exams through knowing people.

    Good luck and enjoy exploring who you are and what you'd like to do xxx
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zombie_eyes View Post
    This is probably one of my BIGGEST fears/ cause for anxiety.

    I have learning difficulties so going to study is a waste of time and money

    Who knows!

    Im really looking forward to like what trustychords is experiencing. Discovering who i am! Living in the world!!! Maybe then it will come to me...
    Uni and Training Organisations have staff and resources to help students with learning difficulties. I have a student with a large part of her brain missing. Her short term memory is poor but she is getting there and she is keen to succeed. She gets lots of support.

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    I will be going back to work 3 days a week in a couple of months but it's not something I want to do long-term. I've been in this industry for 13yrs (omg!!!) and want to do something different. Although it pays very well and I have a fair bit flexibility on what days/times I work, I am just sick of it! I don't have the drive or the patience to deal with it all, it just frustrates me!

    I have started studying again, I have done 3 subjects towards a graduate diploma and was planning to do another subject this semester. However, DS has been sick a lot and I want to focus on him while we go through all the tests and assessments to see if there is an underlying issue causing him to be unwell so often.

    I have enjoyed the study but I'm not sure what I want to do to be honest. It weighs on my mind quite a lot, I think I want to do something in health care but doing uni on campus full time is not possible while my kids are so little.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trusty Chords View Post
    I have my youngest who goes to prep next year in daycare 2 days a week and on those days he is there and the two oldest are in school I do things for myself like eat out, watch movies, go to the beach, art gallery. Just basically anything I want. I lived out of home for a year when I fell pregnant with DD and basically had the most horrendous hard time raising my children for the first several years. They had lots of medical issues and being close in age just a handful for a youngest child themselves who never knew what the heck you do with babies and children.

    I have a lot of childless friends my age who would get super peeved seeing me post I was at the beach or having lunch this past year like I live some life of luxury and it's not fair while they are in a full time job and you know that old lazy SAHM stereotype. What those people fail to realise was all those accumulative weekends they were out partying, overseas holidays by themselves I was actually having a child coming out of me, attached to me, sleeping with me, defecting and vomitting on me, not listening to me… Yeah I was raising kids 24 hours a day basically and not just 1 but 3 and they get annoyed after almost a decade of being pregnant and looking after kids I want to have a Mum "Gap year" so to speak?

    So if you ask me I think I needed that to discover who I was outside of "Mum" and because I never had a chance really to be an adult alone I didn't know. You will get judged as lazy for doing it but it has been the thing that has given me the most positive clarity as to what direction I want my life to go in. So take some time to do things for yourself, get to know yourself and understand what it is you actually want for yourself not your family before diving into a career.
    The wisest words I've heard in a very long time!

    Can't wait till both my kids are in school so I can find myself. I have NO idea who I am either OP, but this is such a great point @trustychords makes.

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    It's hard being confronted with the thought "What do you want to do" when you've never had that before. I had a moment that was much the same when I got divorced. All of a sudden there was split custody and I'd spent so many years being a dad and husband that I didn't know how to be anything else! It was scary!
    @trustychords hit the nail on the head - try things. Live a little. See what it is that you really enjoy doing and, when you find it, go after it! And don't listen to the haters!

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