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    Default Have I missed it? opk question

    I posted this on another forum but have't got any responses yet...hopefully somebody here will have an idea.

    The pic doesn't give the lines justice unfortunately. My apologies.

    I am wondering if it is possible for my LH surge to have come and gone during the night, between tests?

    The 2nd test at 11.30 am (CD14) is what makes me think I might have missed the surge - it is almost as dark as the control, but not quite.
    The first line on the 11th is just visible (no squinting required) and about as dark as the test at 2.30pm (CD14) - I know you can;t really see it in the pic but take my word for it . The one at 4.30 pm (CD14) is completely blank.

    CM isn't giving much away. I don't have much but it is a little stretchy and streaked, but I am no expert so cant be 100% sure if EWCM or not.

    This is my first cycle using OPK's in almost a year. Last time I used them was back around June last year not long after I came off BC, and I think I O'd on CD18. Since that was a while ago (and my cycle could have been a tad wonky from BC), I am taking that O date lightly.

    Hubby and I BD'd today and yesterday just in case, but I do like to be a little more certain about these things!

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    Hi i am no expert and just learning. This is my third cycle using OPk's.

    I start my OPK's from cd12 and do it around 2pm every day, just once. I tend to get a faint line for a few days then get my positive. I check my CM at night and am getting used to the changes and what's EW etc.

    Just keep using the OPK's for the next week would be my "newbie" advice

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