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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyBovine View Post
    I think you would benefit from looking at the FedUp website and RPA elimination diets I linked earlier in this thread.
    We're very close to RPA, and have seen paediatricians and dieticians there.
    We just limit their intake of this stuff. They can still eat it, just not at much as their friends.
    Thankfully, they're old enough now to actually understand the difference these foods make to their behaviour.

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    For those concerned about additives of various kinds, I'd highly recommend this article (particularly the sections on preservatives, colours and taste enchancers). It's American, but very much relevant to some of the fear-mongering that goes on around this topic.

    A bit of an extract:
    Radishes contain a substance that can cause goiters, oranges contain a toxin that could potentially cause birth defects, carrots contain the hallucinogen myristicin; there is practically no food that doesn’t contain some chemical that could harm people in large doses. “Healthier” hot dogs are advertised as containing no added nitrates and no preservatives, but they don’t advertise that one of the ingredients they use, celery juice, is rich in nitrates; there was no need to add preservatives because a preservative was already naturally present. The presence of toxins doesn’t mean we should stop eating food. The nutritional benefits of food far outweigh the negligible harm from tiny amounts of chemicals. Coffee contains 10 mg of known carcinogens per cup but is also the leading source of antioxidants in the American diet.
    Washing apples to remove pesticide residue removes the natural surface wax that protects the fruit from drying up. When sellers wax their apples, they add morpholine to make the wax easier to apply; it converts to nitrosomorpholine in the body, which might cause cancer in animals in huge amounts. The amount from an apple is far safer than the nitrate naturally present in cabbage, which converts to carcinogenic nitrosamine in the body."

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