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    Quote Originally Posted by DT75 View Post
    i'm glad that works for you two.

    But what about "us people", where both work similar hours and have similar stresses? Shouldn't housework be as close to 50/50?
    Of course. I was simply commenting on our situation and what works for us. We always wanted me to be a sahm so we work as a team, we are both happy and he will always help if I need it. This is what works for us

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    Quote Originally Posted by DT75 View Post
    6 months ago I wrote down everything that needed to be done to have a functioning household. I highlighted what DH does regularly.
    Out of about 30 things, he did 2.
    I handed him the list, and left for a weekend (made sure it was one when we had the kids too).
    When I came back he apologised for being so lazy and inconsiderate, and things were good for a month or so... it slowly progressed backwards.

    I am *this* close to doing the same thing again, and leaving for a week this time.
    That happens here too. I crack it about doing everything and he starts mucking in. Never lasts though. I made a list up too and tried going through it with kids and dp but all they hear is blah blah blah! The tricky part is that I was shocking messy before kids, I've never been bothered by mess until I ended up spending 99% of my time in the house. This makes me quite soft on everyone cus I know how dull it all is, but I'm not looking for a show home just stop thinking of me as the maid. They all moan to me of course when they can't find things

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    Dh works and is out 12 hours a day. I'm on mat leave.

    I cook weeknights and he does at least on day on weekends.

    I tidy and clean as much as I can but with 2 out 3 kids at home most days, sometimes it's just not possible to do much, coz they either trash the house almost immediately after I tidy up, or I don't want them walking on freshly mopped floors so I can't mop till they're asleep.

    So dh helps out magnificently.

    He cleans the kitchen every night to about 95% and then I do the rest. He will collect and put out the washing and put kids to bed. He will vacuum and mop if I'm exhausted.

    Mind u it's only been like this the last 12 months. Before that I did almost everything and he couldn't fathom why I was upset over it.


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