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    Sounds like my dd who just turned 3. She would happily eat all sorts of veggies when first starting solids. She has never liked meat except for ham. At about 18 months old she refused all veggies except potato but then around 2 she refused this too! Only recently she began to eat potato again, nothing else so far. And she would prefer to go to bed hungry than eat something she doesnt want. So frustrating. I cant hide veggies in anything, she wont eat whatever ive made.. even when we are eating the same thing.

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    I tried not to do food battles. Life just didn't go they way I planned.

    With my first and second child they got served dinner and there was no more food after dinner. They were great eaters.
    No my third child was difficult from day dot. She would eat meat or veggies. Never together. Certain textures wouldn't go anywhere near her mouth. It any touched the whole plate became poisoned. Than foods started drop off and become no go zones. She could easily strave rather eat a no go food.
    It turned out she has aspergers with sensory processing disorder. So than I was advised to have fall back foods. She was served a modified version of our meal and if she could for any reason eat that she was allowed her fall back food (a bowl of plain rice or plain yoghurt). With lots early intervention she now eats a much bigger variety of food. A salad is now her fall back. Pkts of salt and vinegar chips in the house are banned from being the house the smell even if it in the other side of the house will make her breathing laboured. Even plain vinegar can't be used if she is in the house or will be in next 30 mins.

    Now with my 4th 5th and 6th bubs I have followed their lead. I offer lots but never make anyone try foods or insist they eat. I try to always have something that I know they will eat on the table or in the fridge.

    All six now eat a great amount of veggies. Fruit is still a huge battle. But they all eat at least one type of fruit.


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