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    Default IVF ICSI starting May - new here :)

    Hi all!

    Just thought I'd introduce myself.. My hubby and I have been on this roller coaster for 3 years, 3 months now. I will be 30 this year, hubby 40 and we are in Perth.

    We started doing all our investigative tests around the 1.5 year mark. They didn't find too much wrong - couple of small cysts, little bit of endo and a uterine septum, all of which were removed. OH's semen analysis was ok at the time.. Not fantastic but ok.

    In the meantime, we decided seeing as this was taking its time, we would get married! Before the wedding we saw our FS to make a plan for post wedding baby making. Decided to go ahead and do OI seeing as I was the problem (we thought). DH did another SA in October and it came back at 6million. So they asked for a repeat which he didn't end up doing before we started OI in Jan... Because he only heard the words 'it's not too bad'. Anyway after OI didn't work they asked for a repeat sample and it was down to 2million. Hmmm back to the FS!

    He told us on Tuesday IVF with ICSI was the best way forward. I'm relieved to be honest to have a solid plan! Now we can go back to BD for fun for the next couple of months!

    Sorry for long winded post! Would love to hear from anyone in similar circumstances xx

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    ICSI can get around issues with DH's sperm, so good your FS is heading in that direction.

    I will be 35 this year, DH is 36 and we have been on and off ttc since 2001. I had major endo which was removed, PCOS and DH had semen issues. I have since lost 50kgs and now my cycle each month is spot on 28-32 days each month and I feel as though I ovulate. We have now went to the fertility clinic and are in the process having our blood tests, ultrasound and semen test done, then an appt with the FS. We are prepared we will likely have to do ICSI.

    Looking forward to getting results back as its been years since we had tests done.

    Good luck and look forward to hearing how you go.


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