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That Plateau stage is hard and if you treat and trick your body like a child so it doesn't know what is happening it may help you to get out of it faster. Switch up the exercise what you normally do do at another time of day, change the type of exercise, maybe interval or strength depending on what you are doing. Change some food and turn your meals around for 2-3 days the more you exercise the more fuel you need. Are you feeling hungry? if not then most likely your metabolism is stopping, we need to feel hungry to know that it is working. try some of those trick and let me know how you go. Your body won't just expect what it is used to getting and doing and should switch back on. You shouldn't be in it for months normally a few weeks to a month. Give it ago and well done on being down to your last 10kg!
Thanks Paula. It's never been on a plateau for months before - as you said, a couple of weeks at worse. I'm currently doing some strength/interval work and also cycle, I could see if I can do some extra running or classes of an afternoon though. I've increased my calories and hoping that I don't put on too much in the process. I'm not hungry like I used to get, hoping my metabolism kicks in again soon.

I started increasing calories about a month ago now and haven't noticed any difference, besides gaining a kilo in the last week or so. I'm at a cross road and not sure if I should:

a) keep eating as I am but increase exercise, but I'm feeling fatigued as it is and am short on time
b) see a dietitian/trainer, but I'm afraid of getting a dud who can only give me general, surface advice that won't actually help. I don't mind seeing them on a regular basis and keeping a diary of food/exercise and nutting it out with them.
c) go back onto shakes, but I'm not sure if this will make the situation even worse

I'm definitely not giving up, it's not an option - I really want to get back to where I was.

What do you think? @paulaserenity and everyone else of course?