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    Default DS sensitive with hands suddenly

    Hi Everyone, hoping we can find some help to something that's happened recently.

    Our 3 year old (turned 3 end of Jan) DS came home from daycare on Tuesday last week and seemed really sensitive with his hands. He was fussy with them, wanting them to be clean more than normal, and not wanting to hold/touch cold/hot things.

    This has progressed over the last few days to the point that if he can, he won’t use his hands to pick up things (even his drink bottle), touch things etc. He’s pulled himself up onto the lounge and bed using the outside of his wrists to prop him up (wrists sort of bent up). He is itching his hands a lot and wiping them on his clothes after he touches something a lot of the time, doesn’t like them getting wet unless he’s in the bath and really wanting them clean. He is so sensitive to his hands and it takes a lot of persuading for him to even let us look at them.

    We took him to our GP last Thursday and she said they look fine and there was nothing she could see. The behaviour has continued, and if anything getting worse over the last few days. We are concerned as we don’t know what to do and he won’t really tell us what’s wrong with them.

    We’ve found info on Sensory Processing Disorder etc, but he seems fine apart from this thing with just his hands. There’s no spots or any clear rash on the hands, so don’t think its hand foot and mouth. He’s always been a bit funny with his head getting wet, but had lots of ear issues when he was younger (grommets, lots of perforations). He has had eczema on and off but we cant see any evidence of this for this issue. He is very attached to us and hates being dropped at daycare, but apparently plays pretty well there. He’s got other kids from mothers group who he sees a few times a week so he’s very social and plays well with the other kids.

    We’re just at a loss as to what this could be, as he has turned almost instantly from a happy reasonably care free toddler into one who will barely use his hands. We are going to try and get back into the doctor again tomorrow but would love to see if anyone else has experienced something similar. Thanks J

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    I have no answers, ??? very strange. im sorry this is happening, I hope you get some help with the doctors?? marie.

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    Thanks - yeah we are not sure why it has come on and so quickly so it's been a bit of a concern. Hopefully get an appointment with our "good" doctor tomorrow and see if she can recommend something. Hoping it's some sort of bug or something along those lines that will pass but will find out.


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