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    Default Sleep Disaster After Holiday - HELP!!!!

    I went to sleep school with my DD when she 13 months old because she never, ever slept. We left with a different baby who was sleeping 7.00 pm - 6.30 am every night and settling without a fuss. She has done this now for nearly a year.

    We recently went overseas. She slept in the same room as us without any problems for two weeks.

    However, since we've been home (it's been a week now) she gets so distressed whenever we put her to bed! She cries and screams for me. We have been trying to follow the SS routine (put her down, leave her 20 mins, go in and settle, repeat) but it is so hard! She is hysterical and it is upsetting me so much. I hate to hear her upset, but I can't go back to her not sleeping either. It is taking around 40 mins or longer for her to settle at the moment.

    I am pregnant and can't deal with the thought of this plus a new baby who doesn't sleep. I am so stressed!!

    Has anyone else been through this before? How long did it last? Any advice would be so so welcome!!

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    We ALWAYS struggle after a holiday. Their rhythm is changed and yes they get use to sleep in their parents room

    It does get back to normal, please believe this.

    I also found that my usual tactics, pretty similar to yours, wouldn't work as it was related to separation anxiety.
    What worked for my bub was to go back in his room and talk to him, reassure him that we were here, that everyone was going back to their routine etc.

    For the first few nights I even sit with him a little and read some books. It worked for us.

    Good luck x

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    Thank you so much for your advice and reassurance.

    We had a terrible night last night. She protested so much and for so long at bedtime. Then she kept waking through the night.

    She has also started waking for the day at 5-5.30 am every day (instead of 6.30). I am so exhausted.

    I will try your tips. I am desperate for her to start sleeping again. I am already so tired from the pregnancy, I am not sure I can take much more of this.


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