Ok I do not know what is going on.

Background: I have a 32 day cycle and am temping and using OPKs. I moved house this cycle around CD18-CD21 which was very stressfull.

These are my figures:
Until CD10 temps around 36.3C negative OPKs
CD11-13 flashing smiley and 36.18C
CD14/15 flashing smiley and 36.05C
CD16 solid smiley and other negative OPK -36.3C
CD17 posituvd OPKs - 26.3C
CD18 - positive OPK -36.4C
CD19 - positive OPK - 36.3C
CD20-22 drop to 36.15C and negative OPK
Today CD23 - 36.3C and very positive opk again???
Normally after ovulation I hover around 36.65C
What the hell is going on with my cycle???? Ideas?