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    Default Explaining drugs to an 8 year old

    Hi all,

    I was just wondering the best and most age appropriate way to explain how bad drugs are to an 8 year old boy? DSS is really into football and with all the Titans players being charged with selling cocaine etc, it is on the news and he is hearing about it.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about age appropriate explanations or how to approach the subject? I believe it is important to start the conversation now, so that we can keep talking about it as he gets older and keep developing the dialogue as he grows up.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Thanks @btmac that is a great analogy and how awesome that it has stuck with your son all these years and had such a profound influence.

    DSS wants to be a footballer, so at this stage I guess we are doing a little similar in talking about how bad drugs are for your body, and how these players are losing everything they have worked for, no career, no money, no more football, and they will go to jail. It makes me furious as well - that and the gambling thing that is shoved in our faces at every game...

    I guess just keeping that dialogue open as he ages will help us be able to talk to him about it later as it will be a familiar thing to talk about issues like that.

    Thanks again!

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    I had our first drug talk with DS (he will be 8 in June) the other night. His home reader was describing the workings of an airport including Customs which lead to a discussion about drugs. DS is not very street savvy so my explanation was that sometimes people took drugs which are a bit like a medicine only not something given to you by a doctor. The drugs will make the person feel really really happy for a while but afterwards they will feel sick and awful and want to take more of the drugs to make themselves feel happy again (thus trying to explain addiction). I also explained to him that many people have died from taking drugs because although they may make the person feel very happy they are very bad for the body and very unhealthy.


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